Experts In Tree Care

We offer expert tree services for businesses and large commercial projects in Cork. Our team of professionally trained climbers and groundsmen will help you to trim, cut, fell, and remove trees on your property. We provide all the equipment, machinery, and expertise to get the job done quickly with minimal disruption to the public. We often have to sectional fell trees and/or rug them from surrounding areas. Some of our clients include schools, property developers, and Cork County Council.

Commercial Tree Services

Regular tree maintenance is important because it keeps your trees healthy and hazard-free. Without regular maintenance, a tree can become structurally unsound, leading to branches failing. . Trees that are well maintained will also improve the overall appearance of any property. 


Trees that are not properly cared for can pose a risk to nearby people, possessions, and property. As the property owner, you are responsible for the maintenance and safety of your trees. Should a tree limb fall and cause damage or injury, you are liable. So if you are concerned about the trees on your property, feel free to call us immediately for free advice on any arboricultural issue. 

Our Commercial Tree Services include:

Tree Felling

Tree felling is the process of cutting trees. We use the latest industry techniques to fell trees safely without causing damage to the surrounding area.

Tree Removal

Shred your unwanted tree stumps into small, removable woodchips

Tree Pruning

Keep your trees healthy and free of disease.

Stump Grinding Machine

Stump Grinding

Using our stump grinder, we can grind down tree stumps that are taking up space or causing an obstruction to your construction efforts.

Tree Survey & Assessment

Get an expert assessment of trees for health &safety or planning purposes by ACTS.

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Roadside Trees

Roadside trees can become a danger to passing traffic. We are fully qualified through Solas to comply with Chapter 8, Temporary Roadworks Health & Safety.

Stump Grinding Machine

Traffic Management

We comply with Chapter 8 SLG Sign Sign Lighting Guarding.

Site Clearance

As site clearance specialists, we’ll remove trees, stumps, and large underground roots from the property. The Bushwacker is a 200-horse powered self-propelled heavy-duty flail machine to remove thorns, gorse, and scrub on-site.