Hedge Trimming In Cork
For healthier, better-looking hedges
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Are Your Hedges Out Of COntrol?

Say goodbye to messy overgrown hedges and hello to hedges that look good and add value to your home’s appearance. Don’t let your hedges get out of control. Our affordable hedge trimming service will keep your hedges neat, tidy, and looking their best. Regular hedge trimming stimulates healthy hedge growth and improves your hedge’s appearance for a beautiful-looking garden. 

Out-of-control hedges may have to be felled if they have gone too far.

Hedge trimming equipment in the middle of a project.

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How Often Should I Trim My Hedges?

Usually, it’s best to get your hedges around 2-3 times per year.

When Is The Best Time To Trim My Hedges?

We recommend trimming your hedges in later winter or early spring.

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