Expert Tree Removal Services

We provide expert tree removal that is fast and effective. 

We have the tools, equipment, and expertise to remove trees safely. For trees in awkward or difficult-to-reach places, one of our skilled climbers can take them down section by section. Our team is professionally trained, fully qualified, and covered by third-party and employer liability insurance.

A tree surgeon between two trees cutting a tree branch.

Customers reviews

What Our Customers Say

I got All Cork Tree Surgery to cut the trees around the house. They did a brilliant job. Very reliable and confident in doing the task. They did an amazing job cutting dangerous trees for us. I would highly recommend Pat McCann and his team to anyone.
Amanda Kelleher
Thank you very much for a great job. Overgrown trees completely cut back, all the waste taken away. Very prompt in doing the job. Would certainly recommend All Cork Tree Surgery
Clare Murphy
I highly recommend All Cork Tree Surgery after getting our Beech tree pruned and a well-overdue trim. They also did a fantastic job cutting hedges beside our neighbors and removing all the roots from the ground. We got the sun back in our garden. Everything was done in one day. Very professional with ourselves and our neighbors. Thanks, Pat. "
Francisca Jara
All Cork Tree Surgery did an outstanding job for us in June 2024. The trees and hedges had been there for over 30 years and they were on a very steep bank. They team were very professional and worked extremely hard and efficiently. We were so impressed with their work and the mulching and taking away of the wood. Thank you to Pat and all the team. We would highly recommend this company.
Lisa Cronin
3 Tree Surgeons standing in front a van with chainsaws.

Removal of Damaged or Diseased Trees

Dead, diseased, or dying branches are a threat to nearby property and traffic.

Protect your home from dangerous trees with our tree removal service. Using a professional tree removal service will help you save money by preventing damage caused by diseased or dying trees. Trees that are not properly cared for are a danger to your home and family. Dead or diseased branches can fall at any time, and cause human injury, or damage to your property.


How Can I Tell If I Need To Remove A Tree?

Tree removal is necessary when: 

  • The trees/roots are too close to your property
  • The tree is dead or dying 
  • The tree is hollow 
  • The tree shows signs of fungal activity
  • The tree is leaning over to one side or windblown 
  • The tree is in a hazardous location
What’s Involved In The Tree Removal Process?
  • First, we’ll call out to your property to inspect your tree and the surrounding area. For trees in awkward or difficult-to-reach places, one of our climbers will take the tree down section by section. For trees with a bit more space, we’ll remove long branches first before cutting down the tree trunk. Once the tree is down we’ll chip the branches and remove the trunk for you. 

Do I Need Permission To Remove A Tree?

We follow the latest legal and regulatory requirements when it comes to tree removal on residential and commercial properties. A quick inspection will tell us whether you need a felling license before cutting down a tree.

Do I Have To Be Home For The Tree Removal Process?

No. As long as we have access to the property we can carry out the work to get your tree removed safely. You can trust us to respect your property and clean up after we’re done.

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