Professional Tree Pruning

Homeowner? Do you care about your garden and want to keep your trees healthy? Great. Our tree trimming service will help your trees grow in a healthy and attractive way. Regular tree trimming will improve the appearance of your trees. And add value to your property.

When your trees get out of control, it’s time to call in an expert. We can handle jobs of all sizes. If one of your trees is growing too close to your property or power lines, we can remove or cut back the branches. So be careful. Overgrown trees or limbs near power lines can pose a serious danger to your family and property.

Don’t let your trees get out of control. Contact Pat McCann today at 087 818 1747 to avail of our tree trimming services.

A tree surgeon climbing a tree.

What Our Customers Say

A tree surgeon cutting a branch with a chainsaw.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is used to allow more light to travel through the crown.

As a result, air circulates more easily through the canopy.

As with a crown reduction, all dangerous, diseased, or damaged branches are removed. Crown thinning is commonly used when light is blocked from your garden. 

  • Let’s in more light
  • Reduces wind resistance
  • Removes dangerous branches

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is used to reduce wind resistance and control the size of the canopy of your trees. The branches around the crown are shortened. And dangerous deadwood is removed. 

  • Removes dead branches
  • Improves your tree’s appearance
  • Protects your tree from disease
Arborist cuts a tree branch with a chainsaw.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of selected branches and limbs from the lower part of a tree’s crown. Crown lifting is important because low-hanging trees pose a risk to passing traffic and pedestrians.

  • Reduces the weight of the tree
  • Protects property and passing traffic


Why Is Tree Pruning Important?

Tree pruning is important because it removes dead branches that are a potential safety hazard. And it improves your tree’s appearance.

How Often Do I Need To Have My Trees Pruned?

This will depend on the size and species of your tree. Contact Pat McCann on 086 818 1747 for more info. 

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Prune My Trees?
  • Ornamental garden trees like Cherry and Magnolia should be pruned during summer whilst in full leaf. 
  • Most deciduous trees can be pruned at any time of year as wound wood development only happens during the spring and summer months.  
  • Coniferous trees and hedges should be pruned in spring or early summer. 
Why Is Tree Pruning Important?

Tree trimming is important because it ensures the health and safety of your trees.

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